Phenomenal”- Julie Weingarten

Susanna Barkatakiis a powerful healer and teacher. She has a gentle yet fierce magic that can guide you through any block that you have had with your physical and emotional healing. Her body work a nd ayurveda mastery is beyond miraculous. I experienced a rebalancing and was nourished and rebirthed back to full vitality from just one session with Susanna.  If you are fortunate to work with her  one on one or in one of her workshops you will see how beautifully your life will change. Through her love and dedication to empowering you through your healing she will cause mayor positive transformation in your life.” – Xochitl Ashe, Life purpose & Relationship Coach, Medicine Woman

“Susanna’s workshop was delivered to me by the goddesses that be exactly when I needed it. It was a supportive, nurturing environment in which to share experiences with others, as well as to dive within to find our own inherent wisdom. Susanna is a conscientious and skilled spiritual guide well-versed in the Ayurvedic sciences. I will be forever grateful.”

– Catherine Campion, World Traveler

“Inspiring, nurturing, knowledgeable… Susanna is a wonderful and intuitive healer who embraces life and all who cross her path with an open heart and mind. She lives what she teaches and her years of study and experience shines through in everything she does. One of my favorite of her many skills is her guided meditations. She will transport you to another realm and you will return clear and focused, ready to take on the world.”

-Shen Boucher, Yoga Teacher

“Healthy Hot Goddess workshop changed my life because it helped me open up my blocks. Physically I carry so much and tonight’s poses opened up blocks for me. Thank you! The heart opening poses were The workshop was particularly powerful and helped me to release some suffering even in the physical form of tears. Let me move past some negativity and sadness. How powerful! The workshop was very thoughtfully designed to open up specific chakras so that health, power and wellness are accessible.  Yes Love it!

–Karman Mak, Educational Coach

“It really allowed me to work through blockages I didn’t even realize I had. The workshop gave me the space to be more observant of myself and the security to love and cherish myself. Susanna creates such a safe and moving space. Susanna is amazing, a gentle yet powerful guide. I recommend this workshop because it is a great gift to yourself.” 

-Janine, Non-profit Administration

“The opportunity alone got me hopeful and excited. Susanna’s warm spirit got me here to show up, something I have not done for myself in a long time. The workshop allowed me to feel peace and to love myself deeper as I felt different things in my body. It allowed me to be patient, forgiving and work on non-judgment in my physical difficulties. Susanna’s guidance assisted me in becoming who I really am. She is calming, warm, relaxed, accepting and committed. She knows and is true to herself. This creates and environment of openness for me to explore myself. I recommend this workshop to feel acceptance at any stage you are at, to feel and begin to understand the power of Mother Earth and Father Sky.”

-Renita, Registered Nurse

“Thank you sweet Goddess. I woke feeling refreshed, much clarity, and inner peace. Last nights class hit my reset button Thank you for your energy, your love and for following your passion of spreading love and wisdom. So grateful! Bless~ Susanna’s workshop helped me stop to take some self care time and space where I otherwise lack motivation to do it. It helped me clear out tension. Brought me clarity and peace. Susanna’s sweet and insightful guidance helped me work through my heaviness. Bringing peace focusing on nurturing myself.Susanna’s knowledge helped me get clear on the practice. I felt safe and guided with love. I recommend HHG because it is essential to be present for others and ourselves.”

–Raquel Perez, Funeral Family Counselor

 “This workshop helped to shift my focus inward and give more attention to self-love and healing. This workshop brought me back to journaling and taught me new ayurvedic practices for stress reduction and manifestation. Susanna’s guidance helped me open myself to energies that aid in my ongoing pursuit of self-awareness and fulfillment. I recommend HHG workshops because I feel more centered, grounded and at peace as a result of the workshop.” 

-Julie, Teacher