Healthy Hot Goddess represents the highest form of wellness. The goddess is shakti – our inner and outer power.

This power is vibrant wellness that exists in all of us. Tapping into her we feel happier, lead healthier lifestyles, feel less stress, create more and make huge positive impact in the world through sharing our true gifts. I’m here to support your inner and outer radiant wellness.

 “Healthy Hot Goddess will cause major positive transformation in your life.”

–Xochitl Ashe, Soul Purpose Coach


“I’m on a journey. This woman is my guide.”

–Aracely Lozano

Healthy Hot Goddess is about having fun, being creative, solving problems, caring for ourselves and others, feeling our absolute best.

Sharing tools from Yoga + Ayurveda passionately for human uplift.

Ready to experience everyday magic and express your creative power?

We are all waking up to a new age- a golden era of light and love. It’s time to honor our true selves and add to the magic and love in the world. We spread love as we share our gifts and tune in to our goddess or god-like magic and power.

This method yields amazing results. Healthy Hot Wellness style is unmistakable; you glow with beautiful abundance, natural health and creative power.

Apply for some one-on-one magic with Yoga + Ayurveda.

Take our heart-expanding, breath-deepening, life-altering  Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training.

“The goddess is not an entity separate from something, but a power that enlivens everything from within” — Tantric Yoga by Dr. David Frawley

Celebrating the highest form of wellness- the divine in all of us as we create a culture of powerful people making a huge positive impact in the world through sharing our true gifts.

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