How a Ski-Masked Stalker Taught Me to Trust my Instincts

He stalked down the street towards me in a ski mask and trench coat. . .

So, I learned young to trust my survival intuition.IMGP0419
I was a pre-teen babysitting my little brother for the first time. Nothing was on my mind but the cute outfit I was going to wear the next day, so I was doing laundry in the garage while my little bro watched TV in the house. As I walked back in I just happened to glance to my right and saw a figure down the block, walking down the street towards my house.

Immediately, I felt a tingling through my whole body and a cold, clenching sensation in my gut and chest; I knew something was up.
I hurried through the front door, heart thumping loudly, as I threw the curtains closed, and ducked down below the window, just peeking out to see what he was going to do.

He kept walking closer and closer to our home. Suddenly, he was close enough that I could make out a full length black trench coat. And a ski mask. Pulled all the way down over his face. He kept walking directly towards our house. It was clearly his destination.

I leapt into action, grabbed my brother away from the make-believe fantasy of Thundercats into our now action packed evening. In a split second I calculated the risk that we could get out through the side door and hop the cinder block wall into our neighbor’s back yard to be safe. As long as he didn’t hop the front wall on the same side we were exiting from we would be fine, I thought.

What if I hadn’t glanced up when walking a path I’d walked a thousand times before? What if I hadn’t realized the danger this particular stranger posed? What if I’d calculated wrong and gone over the same wall he tried to take to enter?cinderblockwall

All of these questions are answered by trusting survival intuition.
I felt danger, I trusted my gut, had the insight to get moving, and got help from adults who were able to chase him off. I took the right actions to save us from whatever murky intentions were coming our way. All because I trusted my intuition and calculated, in split seconds, the right actions to take.

For many of us this power of insight and intuition shows up in dire straits. And thank goodness! It is highlighted in these moments more than many others.

But insight can also show up in daily life through creative intuition, insight, understanding, intelligent choices and clear, perceptive seeing.

This power shows up to help us know when a choice is right for us. It shows up in creative projects, inspiration, and also in spiritual connectedness.6thchakra
The energy of the 6th chakra is a powerful tool to help you know when a relationship, job or home is right for you. It helps you understand, ascertain and grasp concepts. Make connections. Get creative downloads and actively comprehend and co-create the world around you.

The sixth chakra is all about many ways of knowing, intuition, imagination and clarity. It’s about understanding our world from a variety of perspectives, but being crystal clear on your own. It’s about enlightening imagination and the illumination of insight.
When we feel over-stimulated with our thoughts running like a river, mentally foggy or groggy, when it is hard to concentrate, when inspiration has left us or we don’t know what to do this is the domain of the sixth chakra. When we feel ourselves stupid or confused, unclear or indecisive, these are sure signs our 6th chakra is out of whack. This is a daily occurrence for many.

This enlightening energy center is found in the center of the forehead. It is connected to the pituitary gland that regulates many functions in the body. Elementally, it embodies the element of light. It is where we source our intuition, sight and insight.
If you breathe in, and out and close your eyes, then turn them up in a triangle above the center point between the eyebrows, this is a powerful way to access the 6thth chakra.

You can visualize its color is a glowing wise, purple radiance.

Here are 3 insight and intuition expanding practices.
Invite enlightenment for yourself by taking time to see from another POV.
We may have heard, and even agreed with the phrase “walk a mile in another person’s shoes.” But how many of us practice this tool as a daily exercise?

When interacting with folks, from clerks at the grocery store, to the tailgating driver behind you, to children or close friends and family, it is always a powerful practice to see the world from their story for a while. If we can remember that they come with a whole set of experiences and insights of their own, perhaps we can let go of the need to always have things go our way or be understood from our perspective. This is challenging. It is akin to creating some space between our thoughts. We create a little breathing room and gaps for our judgments about others. It is in these gaps that we can really see another person for who they are, and allow them to flourish in their own right. This type of seeing always transforms the envisioner as well.

See and be the light.
Sit quietly and close your eyes or let them go into soft focus. Turn them up slightly towards the forehead and then focus in on the center point between the eyebrows. Envision a glowing light here. It might be white, it might be purple or blue. Or it might simply be a radiance. Allow the radiance to expand into your whole body and flow out all around you. Let your awareness rest comfortably in that light for 3, 5 or 25 minutes. By bringing our attention directly to this energy center we nourish it and invite clearer sight, deeper inspiration and more intuition.

Dreams speak truths we need to process, fulfill wishes and offer insight. Ask and write them down. Journal about it!
The 6th chakra is all about understanding and expression. So if we want to harness it, we can ask ourselves a question before bed. We can powerfully request that our dreams offer us a beautiful insight. Then, keep a journal by your bed, and when you wake, jot down anything you remember. Even if it seems unrelated.

Journaling in general awakens the province of the 6th chakra. Self-reflection, creative expression and the personal insights that come from writing down one’s experience are always beneficial.

And the bonus practice is whenever you want a insight and intuition expansion read the energy of the room.

Like we do when in danger, we can often see and read the energy in a situation when we bring our awareness to it. We often think we aren’t intuitive, but all of us do this! We read body language. Just the same, we can get subtle and interpret the energy currents you see flowing around a person.

When I was a student in high school I started to do this. I would see a radiant white light glowing around some of my teachers. I didn’t see the light around others and I knew even then, that the light was indicating the person was a true teacher to me. I had something I really needed to learn from them. I trusted the energy.

A specific way to read energy is to spend time with a friend or friends and then when you are on your own again get out colored pencils or pens and grab and intuitively draw interpretively with colors.


You may notice that when you spend time with some people you feel energized, inspired and recharged and with others you feel drained.

This type of perceptivity can immensely impact your own energy expenditure and how you chose to spend your time each day!

susannadanceleftSo, spread the good energy, come play some intuition building games, develop insight, peace and joy 1 on 1 or in yoga teacher training with me!

In light,


“The world is made whole
by your preciousness.
Do not rob it of your fullest expression.
Yoke yourself, like mad,
to daring exploration of your true nature.
Dive in. Share your voice. Shine your light.”

© 2015

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