FALL 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training

Join me here for a journey of a lifetime that will transform you body, mind and spirit.

An authentic, social justice oriented, heart-centered in-depth 200 Hour Yoga Training.

Training themed around anti-oppression, healing, integrated transformative power of the elements of yoga.

Cloud Nine Yoga, Los Angeles. Hollywood, CA

200-hr Yoga Training  October 2015 – Feb 2016

Practice/Lecture Monday Nights 7:30-10 & Sunday Intensives 130-5


All Lectures are weekly (Monday nights) 7:30-10 pm

& Intensives are Bi-weekly on Sun 1:30pm to 5pm @ LA Mother, CA

Welcome to this training themed around anti-oppression, healing, integrated transformative power of the elements of yoga.

  • IDENTITY: Introductions & Orientation, What is Yoga? 8 Limbed Path,  Yamas, Niyamas, Ethics and foundations, Who are You? Honoring Our Ancestors and Teachers, Connection
  • POWER: 7 moving Principles and Intro to Yoga Anatomy, Transformative Power of Yoga; Privilege, Power and the Yogic pathMeditation Practices and Philosophies, Decolonizing Your Practice
  • ELEMENTS of YOGA: Authentic Voice, Authentic Practice: Basic 20 Vinyasa Flow Poses, + Yoga, Being of Service
  • EARTH: Deepening Yamas and Niyamas, Language of Yoga Lecture: Intro to Sanskrit, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Cultural Appropriation and Liberatory Practice; Queer + Trans Yoga, Inclusive Language, Gender pronouns, etc. Sit, Relax & Savasana, Yoga Nidra, Moving Your Meditation
  • WATER:The Schools and Styles of Yoga, Non-judgement, non competitive, Body Positive + Acceptance and Celebration, Holding Space, Ethics of Teaching, Boundaries;Trauma Informed Practice: Creating Safe, Sacred Space and Classroom Safety, Yoga Therapy, Professional Information, Yoga as a healing modality
  • FIRE: Sharing our gifts: Teaching in studios, non-profits, hospitals, recovery centers, alt. spaces. Websites, promotion. Sharing from heart, Back Bending, Heart & Shoulder Opener Setting the Stage: Aromatherapy & Poetry, Meditation Cards & Music,  Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita, Deities & Avatars, Cultural awareness
  • AIR: Authentic presence and voice as a teacher founded in a clear cultural foundation of understanding, syncretism, owning your roots, sharing from a place of presence + power. Modifications and Cuing for safety and injury prevention, Fine-tune Assisting/Adjusts in asana class, Yoga to heal trauma, survivors of abuse
  • SPACE: Space for everyone, yoga as inclusive practice; Heart Openers and Backbends, Ableism, Age,  Teaching Yoga for Prenatal, Kids, Seniors/Motion Restriction, Discussion: role of the Guru/Teacher, Concerns about teaching
  • BODY MIND ONENESS: Pranayama and Bandhas, the Liberatory power of the breath; using energy for holistic healing. Overcoming internalized oppression, Cultivating power, love and strength, Expressing your voice, Anti-oppression yoga, Breathing for freedom in all circumstances
  • LIBERATORY INTEGRATION: Mantras & Mudras, Applying Ayurveda, mantra and mudra to Yoga classes, Transformative power of sound and space, intuitive cuing, Sequencing and Cuing for freedomIntegration, Celebration and Deepening the Heart of Your Liberatory, Integrated Teacher’s Practice, Growth and Evolution, Heart of a teacher, gratitude and honoring our lineage and roots, sharing the practice, celebration.

Play and Breathe. Train and Serve.

For More info and to apply go here

Deepen Your Practice. Teach Yoga.

A Cloud 9 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

With Susanna Barkataki and Stacey Meyerhofer

Contact: Susanna Barkataki

818 521 5609 | Susanna@healthyhotgoddess.com

Or Stacey (Frankie) Meyerhofer

(213) 663-2134 | Burningfranks@gmail.com

Recent testimonials from students:

“Susanna is an amazing teacher and yogi. In her unique, down to earth style she shares her wisdom and life experience about the mysteries of yoga. Yoga is truly her passion and love and that’s how she teaches. It’s easy to learn and stay motivated when you have such a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher.”  — Melanie Lewis, Actress

“Susanna Barkataki is a powerful healer and teacher. She has a gentle yet fierce magic that can guide you through any block that you have had with your physical and emotional healing. Her body work and Ayurveda mastery is beyond miraculous. I experienced a rebalancing and was nourished and rebirthed back to full vitality from just one session with Susanna.  If you are fortunate to work with her  one on one or in one of her workshops you will see how beautifully your life will change.” – Xochitl Ashe, Life and Soul Purpose Coach

“Susanna creates such a safe and moving space. Susanna is amazing, a gentle yet powerful guide. I recommend this training because it is a great gift to yourself.”  – Janine Christiano, Non-profit Administration


What is the commitment?

Are you ready to seriously commit to your own growth? At Cloud Nine, we want to make sure all our yoga teachers are over-prepared to teach. This is a serious Yoga Teacher Training certification class. The commitment is 1 night a week for 4 1/2 months as well as about 2 half days on the weekend each month. Trust me, it will be so worth it!
Of course, we know life happens, so. . .

What if I will have to miss a class?

No problem! We’ve got you covered. You can always take a makeup class. no matter what is going on in life you can stay tuned-in to your highest self and continue your practice.

But I’m too busy.

I hear you! Me too. The question is- do you have time not to learn these transformative ancient practices and wellness tools that can actually get you more time in your life? Using these tools helps me navigate my full life (mother, teacher, yogi, partner etc.) with grace, ease and fun. I have infinitely better health and wellness, more energy and greater creative expression than I ever imagined possible. I actually do way more now than I did before! If you are still not sure, you can try it risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

But I can’t do a perfect down-dog, crow, etc.

You don’t need to be an advanced yogi to take these classes. All the movement based work will be modifiable and accessible to everyone, at every level. I know that many yoga classes are intimidating. This isn’t one of them. All bodies, experiences, and levels welcome. We are about embracing our uniqueness and starting where we are at. Moving our bodies leads to greater health, happiness and overall well-being according to scientific studies.  Feel free to use this course to try out integrated yoga movement and see if its benefits help you.

What style of yoga do you teach?

We teach the “fun kind of yoga!” That’s what our founder always says. And its true. It’s a classical Hatha style of yoga that is focused more on helping you develop your practice, voice and teaching while being grounded in the true roots of yoga. It is definitely not a corporate training or one seeking to brand you with a particular type of yoga. This style of yoga follows the “Gurukul” tradition of passing on the lineage in small, intimate groups.

Can I take this class even if I don’t want to ever teach, or I can’t imagine ever feeling ready to be a teacher?

Absolutely! This class is for self-development and growth as much as it is for becoming a teacher. It is only through starting where we are that we can take ourselves higher. We each start with where we are at. And you might be surprised, by the end of the class you will notice that you are having a huge impact not only on yourself, but on those around you! Of course, if you are raring to teach, many of our graduates begin teaching right out of yoga teacher training.

OK, what about the $- Do you prepare me to find a yoga job?

Yes. Cloud Nine trainings are very practical. We devote multiple sessions to the business of yoga. You will be very prepared to teach. We also have 15 branches across So-Cal and many studios- so there are built in opportunities awaiting you.

But I’ve never thought about doing this before.

Great! Then you’ve got something called “beginners mind.” The freshness of no prior notions about what you should do in yoga or meditation. That is super special. Also, all our yoga classes andmeditations are guided so you can’t do it wrong. In fact, there is no “wrong” way to do yoga or to meditate. It’s about focusing your attention on one thing. As it drifts away (which everyone’s does, again and again) bringing it back!  You will likely feel more in touch with your inner self, more calm, happier and present after meditating.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

If you do not experience greater health, wellness and uplift upon completion of the first 4-weeks of this course you will receive a full refund. To be eligible for refund you must notify the teacher before the 4th week of class, attend all courses and complete all course reading as well as complete all assignments and material. We make this guarantee because we know if you take this course and put in the effort you will get results.

 Have a question I didn’t answer?

Email susanna@healthyhotgoddess.com and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.