A new system created with your highest self in mind.

Body, mind, heart and spirit combined.

This comes out of my lived experience and what radiant health means to our evolution.

Goddess-level health is to unify with our own power, wisdom and connection.

The methods I use in my daily practice are the foundation for this system based out of Ayurveda, yoga, energy medicine, meditation and what I know works from 14 years in education.

This is some full circle goddess, wisdom to elevate you and your community, body mind heart and spirit.

  • Body: First we take in wisdom into our bodies from ancient teachings thru movement.
  • Mind: Then we engage the mind as we reflect, write, and synthesize
  • Heart: then we ignite the heart and share with a partner or group in sacred women’s council space
  • Spirit: Finally, we seal it all in with meditation, prayer, surrender and offer it up.

Yoga, Energy and Ayurvedic wisdom teachings combined into a session designed to ignite your goddess from your toes to your soul.

Together we unite and take each other and ourselves higher. Our teacher is here & the teacher is us. Share the practice and the experience of collective wisdom. Inner goddess calls! Let’s elevate together.