The (Middle) Yogic Way to Own V-Day

Dear friends,

I’ve been thinking about a Yogic Valentine’s Day.

heartI’m a liberated woman. I really am. I’ve paid my own way since I moved out and never dated based on incomebrackets. I rolled my eyes at the manufacturing of romance each valentine’s day.

But I’ve got to be honest. When I drive by the pink and red displays of bears and flowers and chocolates that pop up like fluffy pink dandelions this time of year on street corners my liberated lady goes on vacation somewhere feminist icons go to relax and I just want my partner to get me something cute, fluffy and cuddly.bearvalentines

So I had to ask myself why. I don’t have room for another teddy bear and I only like 70% or darker cacao chocolate. Which I doubt they sell. I don’t actually want that stuff. So what do I want?

I want to be noticed. Acknowledged. Cared for. Recognized for my lovability.

And here’s the rub. Whether or not we have a partner or friends or family who do all these things we still end up wanting more. It’s part of the energy of collective consciousness that’s heightened around now. Often all the messaging we see triggers a sense of lack and heightens the craving nature inherent in our human condition.

Instead of giving in to something that feels manufactured or fake, or simply going the other direction and cynically resisting the manipulation, try a middle way.

chocolateSo this Valentine’s day, if you are looking for an alternative to giving in or completely resisting, practice some Valentine’s yoga by giving yourself the attention and love you might just be craving.

Here’s how to own V-day with yogic wisdom.

1. Remember Yourself by practicing part of the 8 fold path of yoga, svadhyaya.

Sva in sanskrit means self and dhyaya means to learn, study or remember. So take some time to remember yourself, to inquire and see what you want. Maybe it is a red box of milk chocolates with a bow on it. Maybe it’s a journal. Or time to yourself. Whatever it is you love, that makes you feel like you or feel great, gift it to yourself.

IMGP0764 copyThis kind of self care is great everyday, of course.

But on this day when the collective consciousness is high on love start with self. As the Buddha once said, “you could search the whole world over and not find someone more deserving of love than yourself.”

2. Content yourself by coupling some self care with the yogic principle of santosha.

In Sanskrit San means entirely and tosha means contentment. Do what makes you feel utterly satisfied. Really allow yourself to enjoy that morning lie in, coffee, paper or book. Let yourself be truly content with what you have right there in front of you. Luxuriate in the pleasure of your own life. What do you love to do, go ahead and do it! “Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves,” as Mary Oliver suggests.

This Valentine’s day, practice the yoga of owning it. Be your own love. Be your own valentine. Self love. Self care. Specific, little, loving steps towards self.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear exactly how you are loving the miracle of you.


“The world is made whole
by your preciousness.
Do not rob it of your fullest expression.
Yoke yourself, like mad,
to daring exploration of your true nature.
Dive in. Share your voice. Shine your light.”

Play and Breathe. Teach and Serve.
Deepen Your Practice.
Teach Yoga.

Train with me 2015