How to Have Unlimited Energy

Dear friends,
I often get asked how I have the energy to do all I do.
susannakailashFrom working full time as a teacher, to running my own business, to writing and publishing articles, seeing private clients for wellness sessions, creating and teaching yoga classes, running yoga teacher trainings, to raising a toddler, keeping my relationship healthy, to being a friend and daughter, it all seems like a lot. People often wonder how I accomplish it all. With calm, ease and the occasional flair of grace, added, of course!

This yoga teaching from the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, a key text of the Tantric Shiva tradition, written as a conversation between the two lovers, Shiva and Shakti, gives us a clue as to how to access unlimited divine energy:

“There is a current of love energy that flows

Between earth below and the sun above.

The central channel of your spine is the riverbed…

Entering here,

Radiance arches between above and below.

The whole attention resting in the channel,

Vibrating in the center of the spinal column.

Tracing this current between Earth and Sun,

earthandsunMagnetism relatingall the worlds.

The roar of joy that sets the worlds in motion

Is reverberating in your body

And the space between all bodies.”

My awareness of energy deepened in high school. I would sit and space out as I watched my teachers lecture. Like so many of us, I would daydream. But often I was spacing out on seeing an array of glowing lights around my teachers. After a while, I realized that the light I was seeing was their energy.

When I saw white or light glowing around someone I knew they had something to teach me.whitelightperson
As I grew I also became aware of how some situations or people can sap and suck energy. I’ll write more on this next week along with some practical ways we can deal with energy vampire people and situations.

You may have heard the saying “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
My experiences have shown me how this is true, and illustrate how we can tap this energy for our own and others benefit.
The secret to infinite energy, joy and light is simple. It’s the practice of living in harmony with our energetic spiritual nature as much as possible.

Every one of us has this potential. We are all infinite beings of energy and light. We have complete access through every moment to whatever we need to recharge and harmonize ourselves.diyas

In the last few weeks, we’ve worked with all seven of our energy centers. Here’s how to put it all together.

This system of working with energy is about reminding ourselves about how to use energy to harmonize, recharge and live the energy of what we want.

Start by offering a ritual or prayer.
As part of this ritual, remember, you are the only one of you ever to be created or who will ever be created just as you are with all your experiences, uniqueness, struggles and joys. With all your gifts. You are here as an energetic being, alongside other energetic beings, to share your light. The creator, mother earth, father sky, spirit, all beings are rooting for you to share, share, share the fullest truth of who you are.


Practice, trust and know that you use your energy for good.
Use energy only to uplift ourselves and to benefit others. Always ask permission to do energy work on anyone else, on another being. Asking for Energetic Permission is fine if the being can’t speak (such as animals, plants, minerals, ecosystems or babies)

Use energy to cleanse, heal, support ourselves.
Clearing our own energy and coming from a positive, channeled, divine, open space is a prerequisite before using energy with others. Ask for a power greater than us, whoever we believe in to support our work. For example, we can say: “May the energy of truth, the divine, god, goddess, spirit, source, speak and work through me.”


Follow these steps to work powerfully with our energy:
Ask energy to arise from the core of the earth and move through us harmonizing each chakra. After reaching the crown, ask energy of the universe, sky, sun or moon to flow down into our body. Allow the energy to flow from the earth up into each of our chakras and from the sky down into each chakra. Ask energy to move where it is needed. Pay special attention to any areas that are identified as needing extra work. Use energy to manifest and fulfill in each chakra, focusing on particular chakra and/or through our entire energy system. Seal positive energy in and send out love and gratitude!

Just reading this type of material uplifts our energy. Thank you for reading and sharing the good vibes far and wide.

If you’d like to go deeper, I’m teaching a new moon intention setting and renewal class this Thursday and you can still snag one of the last spots in our Yoga Teacher Training starting in March.

All good vibes your way,