Going from Painfully Shy to Expressing Your True Voice

Dear friends,

So, many of you might not know I used to be painfully shy. I was a good student. I never missed a homework assignment. Unless I knew my teachers wanted me to present it aloud. Then, my current event would mysteriously go missing.

The one speech class I took in college, I ran out of on the first day, never to return.

I would often change what I would say based on what I thought my listeners wanted to hear.

Like so many of us do, I did everything I could to hide away from speaking my truths.

In all honesty, it felt safe. But it didn’t feel good.

I needed to unlock my authentic voice, the gifts of my own true expression and I eventually accomplished this by truly listening to others.
But I’ll tell that story in a minute.

I’ve come a long way. I speak to large groups, lecture and teach students and adults daily. And I do it with comfort and joy. But I continue to work intentionally on the part of me that still sometimes seeks to hide her truths.

We all need to share ours- they are too precious not to. That is what the world needs from us- our pure, deeply resonant, honest to goodness truth.

So here’s how to harness and express yours more fully:

5thchakraThe fifth chakra is all about truth. It’s about clear speech, deep listening, willpower, courage and surrender.

When we feel a lack of willpower, out of faith, unable to speak our truths, this is the domain of the fifth chakra. Out of sync, mute, speechless, not able to hear someone else – all 4th chakra issues. When we feel ourselves shy or unable to contribute, biting our tongue or lashing out, these are sure signs our 5th chakra is out of whack. So many of us feel this way so often.

This resonant energy center is in the center of our throat. It is connected to the thyroid gland that regulates many functions in the body. Elementally, it embodies the element of space. It is where we source our truth.

If you breathe in, roll your head and neck back up and down this is a great way to access the 5thth chakra.

You can visualize its color is like the cool dark blue of outer space.

Here are 3 voice expanding truth-expressing practices.
Express yourself by opening up your throat – Neck roll time!
Often, we hold our self back. We literally do this by closing off our neck and throat, biting back our words, holding stress in our shoulders. It is hard to speak authentically if we are blocking ourselves physiologically. So take a deep breath and open up your neck. Roll the head around 3X in one direction, 3X in the other. Really imagine yourself opening up any stagnant parts of your body and freeing your self-expression.This stimulates the area of the 5th chakra naturally, oxygenates the body and opens your voice box.

Be the true butt-kicking executive of your own life.
We all have that inner executive boss-man or lady inside. Find him or her. Check in with your self. Really get clear and ask yourself- what do I want? You might want to ask before going to sleep, listen to your dreams. Or journal. Or meditation. That inner executive of your life is so important. He or she will tell you exactly what your deep, inner-most truth is. And then its your job to listen.

warholsusannaDeeply listen.
The 5 chakra isn’t all about expressing our truths. It is also about getting into the powerful space of truly listening. Really tuning in and getting quiet, and deeply listening to someone else is a quick and powerful way to stimulate, open and enliven the 5 th chakra. This connects us to the truth that we are all connected. By helping someone speak their truth by being a truly present listener, we get closer to them and in turn to sharing our own truth.

And the bonus practice is whenever you need a clear-speech explosion practice simply surrender it up and clearly speak your truth with love.

Not much more to say about that!

FrankieandSusanna2 (1)Except for this story: As I mentioned above, I was painfully shy. In my freshman year of college I lived on the 10th floor. Those elevator rides with strangers were like torture to me. My dorm was next to a cute, fun, perky and uber-friendly raver girl. What I decided to do one day was pretend I was her. I noticed she never had any trouble talking to whoever got in the elevator. So the next time I rode, I decided to fake it ‘til I could make it. I started chatting to whoever got on our ride. And to my surprise- it worked! My heart was still in my throat for the first month every time- but I kept on faking it- and after about 2 months, to my surprise, I was no longer painfully shy. And, I started to make lots of friends in my dorm.

Sometimes it takes faking it ‘til we make it. I had to come to a place where I had to surrender it up and just do it. And finally, I was transformed. So speak your truth with love, whether you’ve got to fake it, like I did, at first. All the world wants from you is that truth you have to share.

I hope this week’s share inspires your voice and truth to be shared widely.

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