Best Way To Get Pregnant

When most women want to know the best way to get pregnant, they always hope that there is a magical sexual position that will help them conceive. They scour the internet, ask Dr Google, ask their real life doctors and nurses, and some even compare notes with their friends. Trying to locate the best sexual position to get pregnant is like trying to find a Genie in a Bottle – it just doesn’t exist.

Scientific Proof

Even with all the advances that have been made in reproductive science over the last decade, there is still no exact scientific proof that one sexual position is better than any other. Or that one position can lead to a successful pregnancy. There just has not been enough research conducted to determine the best way to get pregnant via a sexual position.

However, some ingenious researchers used a scanning device to see what is truly happening during intercourse. A few couples actually volunteered themselves to be scanned using a magnetic resonance imaging device, or MRI, while they were having intercourse.

The Positions

The couples were scanned performing in two different types of sexual positions in order to establish the best way to get pregnant: doggy style and the missionary position. Doggy style is when the women is kneeling down on her hands and knees and her partner enters her from behind. Missionary position is when the women is lying on her back with her partner entering her from above.

The Results

Practicality dictates that both of these positions would essentially allow for a much deeper penetration and would also help to position the husband’s sperm right at the opening of the cervix, which is the actual opening of the uterus, thus both positions could be considered as the best way to get pregnant.

The MRI images revealed that during both of these sexual positions, the tip of the husband’s penis did, in fact, extend to the recesses found between the walls of the wife’s vagina and her cervix. The doggy style position allowed the husband’s penis to reach the recesses at the back of the wife’s cervix; while the missionary position allowed the husband’s penis to reach the recesses that were at the front of the wife’s cervix.

Laying still for a few minutes after sex can also aid in the sperm moving closer to the cervix. It is recommended that a woman lies on her back between 15 and 30 minutes after the conclusion of any sexual activity. Some women even swear by placing a pillow under their hips during this time to help boost the sperm’s travels to the cervix, uterus and then finally into the woman’s fallopian tubes.


It does not matter whether you prefer doggy style or the missionary position when it comes to intercourse; what does matter is that you and your partner engage in sexual intercourse with absolute abandonment and love. The minute that sexual intercourse starts to feel like a chore, you need to take a break from the baby making process. With that being said, our vote for the best way to get pregnant is by having regular sex throughout your fertile period.