Creative Power- Why Healthy Hot Goddess?

We are all waking up to a new age- a golden era of light and love. It’s time to honor our true selves and add to the magic and love in the world. We spread love as we share our gifts and tune in to our goddess or god-like magic and power.

How did I become a healthy hot goddess? I connected to my phenomenal creative, spiritual power- a birthright we all share.

Like so many of us I experienced challenges and suffering. I knew that this could remain stuck in my body, mind and spirit and that the energy impacted my life.

So using my training and skills, I began a healing process I myself. This unique combination of yoga, mindfulness, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, energy work, journaling and therapeutics completely transformed my life. I went from student and client to teacher and practitioner. Of myself first. And then others. And the results kept coming.

What I offer with my unique method are all the things I needed as I went through these life transitions. These informed the  powerful system of Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Wellness that I can offer to you.

This method lead me to living as my full self- a healthy hot goddess. I love myself, my family, create abundantly and live my perfect life. I am living in balance with my own essential nature and natural cycles. This method is my gift that I want to share with you

My experiences and training have initiated me into my highest self to share these gifts with those who can benefit. Anyone who is going through a rite of passage such as obstacles, relationship, creative projects, pregnancy, birth, or  manifesting their dreams I have tools and skills that will help you birth your highest self. My method invites co-creation leading  your most magical, blissful, powerful life.

My method includes a unique system featuring breath-work and yoga to support your highest self, as well as tools for crafting a lifestyle and diet plan specifically tailored to bring the best health and radiance for your unique constitution.

This system supports you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through coaching, visualizations, energy work, purification and manifesting the life of your dreams.

This method yields amazing results. Healthy Hot Wellness style is unmistakable; you glow with beautiful abundance, natural health and creative power.

I attribute my incredible experiences to the practices I am committed to. I went through this process of overcoming obstacles, rebirth and growth and honed in on the tools and skills that I found to be of the most value.

My training in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda, and education combine to help me be of best service to you.

This is my gift to you, gods and goddesses.